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As technology advances, it is more important than ever to view your entire system and get full stack observability. To do this, you require three key data types: metrics, logs and traces. However, it is not enough to merely collect this telemetry data. You must understand the relationships between data points to solve issues quickly and for this you need FusionReactor.

FusionReactor is a full stack observability solution that creates and maintains deep visibility into these relationships, allowing you to effortlessly analyze, visualize and troubleshoot your entire system. FusionReactor is an all-in-one observability platform that goes beyond ColdFusion and Java to provide you with real-time observability metrics combined with application, system and database performance data.

Seamlessly integrated within the FusionReactor full stack observability platform, OpsPilot Assistant leverages generative AI to provide helpful insights into the performance of your applications. Harmonize your data, context, tools, and teams into a unified and cohesive experience with OpsPilot.

OpsPilot is crafted to enhance observability for all team members, extending beyond engineers to build a context around your systems. By integrating large language models (LLMs) with our comprehensive telemetry data platform, we've developed an AI companion proficient in grasping the intricacies of both your system and OpsPilot's operations. OpsPilot simplifies the understanding of your stack's complexity, aids in resolving service disruptions, and boosts productivity by enabling straightforward inquiries in natural language.

FusionReactor data can be viewed either in the On-Premise user interface or within the FusionReactor Cloud.

The Getting started section includes the following topics:


Quickstart Cloud | Discover how to register for FusionReactor Cloud and find information on the four installation types.

Quickstart On-Prem | Register for FusionReactor On-Prem and information on installation.


FusionReactor Agent | Discover how to easy it is to install the FusionReactor Agent.

Observability Agent | Learn how to ingest data in the FusionReactor Cloud to collect metrics, logs and traces.

Kubernetes | Collect metrics from all Kubernetes components.

Instrument OpenTelemetry | Information on how to configure OTel for generating, gathering, and sending application telemetry data.

Ingest logs | Learn how to ingest logs.


Cloud visualization | Gain valuable insight into your entire application stack.

On-Prem visualization | Gain in-depth visibility into the performance of your Java application and the underlying infrastructure.

Dashboards | Discover how to use dashboards to create a full picture of your data.

How do I use OpsPilot AI?

How do I ship Kubernetes to FusionReactor?

How do I deploy the Observability Agent?

How do I ship logs to FusionReactor?

How do I ship traces with OTel?

How do I ingest data into FR?

What dashboards are available?

How does the usage based billing work?

How do I get a detailed overview of my server?

How do I configure the Agent?

What are the compatibility and system requirements?

What's new in FusionReactor?

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