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Downloads links

Download URLs

The following table lists the URLs for the agent jar file, debugger native libraries and the full installers.

File URL
FusionReactor Core Jar
Debug Library for Windows
Debug Library for Linux
Debug Library for MacOS (Intel)
Debug Library for MacOS (M1)
Debug Library for Arm64 (aarch64)
Debug Native Libraries Zip
(All Platforms)

Downloading legacy versions

To download legacy versions, replace the 0.0.0 in the following URL with the version you require.

Example 1

To download FusionReactor version 8.8.0

Example 2

To download FusionReactor version 9.2.0

Example 3

To download FusionReactor version 10.0.2


File URL
FusionReactor Full Installer for Windows Windows
FusionReactor Full Installer for Linux Linux
FusionReactor Full Installer for MacOS MacOS

Preconfigured archive

File URL
Preconfigured Archive, No JRE, Windows
Preconfigured Archive, No JRE, Linux, Mac OS FusionReactor_unix_nojre.tar.gz

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