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Mongo Transactions

Standard MongoDB monitoring

FusionReactor by will automatically start tracking calls to MongoDB into transaction. These transaction are available in the Transaction → Transaction History page.

As well as detecting the query executed, FusionReactor will also detect the Database and Collection the query was executed against. We display this information both on the History pages, and the details page.

Enhanced MongoDB Monitoring

In addition to the Standard MongoDB monitoring FusionReactor has an option to enable Enhanced MongoDB Monitoring, this option can be enabled via the Transaction ? Settings page. When enabled FusionReactor is able to track additional information about how the queries are run against MongoDB.

The Enhanced MongoDB transaction include additional information on top of the basic transactions. They are also separated into a few more transaction to better visualize the path the query took. Additionally we also include the ability to perform a query plan or explain on the query being executed, this is controlled by the MongoDB Explain Threshold setting. The results of the query can also be gathered by FusionReactor and stored on a transaction. All the descriptions of MongoDB transactions are limited by the Mongo Text Limiting settings.

The result of the MongoDB explain is stored on the MongoDB transaction and displays a link as 'QueryPlan'.