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FusionReactor provides you with real-time application performance monitoring, combined with application, system and database performance data. Using FusionReactor, you can quickly investigate and pinpoint issues and performance bottlenecks.

FusionReactor On-Premise allows you to not send any metric data outside of your organization. FusionReactor On-premise will only store data locally on your server. Should you have some restrictions for certain types of information, for example, storing credit card details, then it’s worth noting that FusionReactor provides the capability to obfuscate data – this can be obfuscated either locally or before being sent to the cloud.

On-Premise software is installed locally, on your business’ computers and servers, FusionReactor Cloud software is hosted on the vendor’s servers (hosted with Amazon AWS) and accessed via a web browser.

On-Premise is ideal for those running monolithic applications and is often preferred by governments, education, healthcare, and verticals where security is paramount.


FusionReactor provides:

  • detailed information about your application's performance, including memory and CPU usage, slow request analysis, and more.

  • an alerting system to help you proactively identify and resolve performance issues before they become critical problems.

Installing FusionReactor helps improve the stability, reliability and performance of your Java applications, making sure they meet the demands of your users.

Core features

Performance troubleshooting

Resource monitoring

Root cause analysis

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