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User types


FusionReactor Cloud has four types of user:

The account types have a hierarchical structure and each level above Observer inherits from the level below.


The admin account type is the most powerful user type and has access to all of the features of the Cloud including the ability to close the account and control the billing settings. As well as all of the features of Manager, the Admin level also allows:

  • Deleting users from the account
  • Configuring alerting services
  • Account billing access

Typically, this user is seen as the account owner and billing contact and would be responsible for managing their FusionReactor Cloud account.


The Manager level allows for account management, having access to all of the features of the standard User type but with the added ability to:

  • Add or update users on the account
  • Manage configured applications
  • Manage configured servers


The User user type is the typical user level for most users and has access to all the features of the software with both read and write permission.


The Observer user type is primarily a read only user. This user type has access to all of the main functionality albeit with a read only status. An observer has read and write access to their own data such as user information and quick links.