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Span attributes

Attributes are information providing extra insight into the span.

Warning: Data Obfuscation

Span attributes are not obfuscated by default, network and database information could be present. Enable obfuscation for datapack and semantic attributes via system properties to ensure that no confidential data can be passed.

Potential cause of missing attributes

An attribute might not have been set on the span if the attribute's value was null or empty.

Potential cause of truncated attribute values

An attribute value ending in ... indicates that it has been truncated to limit data size.

FusionReactor Cloud UI attributes

These are attributes required for transaction rendering in FusionReactor's Cloud UI.

Attribute Key/Name Attribute Value
flv The span's transaction flavour.
sflv The span's transaction sub-flavour.
description The span's description.
app_name Application name.
apps Source of the application name.
tann Transaction name.
tans Source of the transaction name. Thread ID. Thread name.
txnId Transaction ID.
dur Duration.
direct_children.culled.count How many of the transaction's children were not sampled/exported. Contained in one service.
total_children.culled.count How many descendants of the master transaction were not sampled/exported. Contained in one service.
mstr Master transaction ID
parentTxnId Parent transaction ID
throwable Throwable set on the transaction.
reason A list of reasons why the transaction is considered an ITT. e.g. Slow/Error
tab Thread memory allocated bytes.
ghs Map of values describing the heap memory at the start of the transaction.
ghe Map of values describing the heap memory at the end of the transaction.
rej Whether the transaction was rejected or not.
sk Whether the transaction was soft-killed or not.
stpd Whether the transaction was stopped/killed or not.
cpx Whether extended metrics were inhibited or not.
pid Profile IDs.
event_snapshot_id Event Snapshot ID.
cmp Whether the request was compressed or not.
sec Whether the request is secure or not.
ct Request content type.
cp Request context path.
prcl Request protocol.
rsid Requested session ID.
bs Request buffer size.
ce Request encoding.
cmmt Whether the request was committed or not.
flv_stats Transaction flavour stats.
properties Transaction properties.

WebRequest transaction properties

Attribute key/name Attribute value
url Request URL.
s Request status.
cli Client address.
m Request method.
q Request query string.
rs Request status code.
cpu Thread CPU time.
rcl Request content length.
jqr JDBC queries ran.
jtt JDBC total time.
jte JDBC total execution time.
jtr JDBC total row count.
amf AMF methods.
ua Request user-agent.
strm Stream data

JDBC transaction properties

Attribute key/name Attribute value
s Statement.
exec/db Execution elapsed time.
rc Row count.
p Prepared statement.
rl Row limiter activated.
total Duration
src Source name.
expln Explanation.

Miscellaneous attributes

Attributes which don't belong to a specific category.

Attribute key/name Attribute value
status.code The status of the span. 0=unset, 1=OK, 2=error

Resource/Process attributes

These are attributes which offer information about the instance/service.

Attribute key/name Attribute value If obtainable by FusionReactor, the name of the server. e.g. Tomcat, ColdFusion, Jetty, etc.
fusionreactor.server.version If obtainable by FusionReactor, the version of the server.
os.type Name of the operating system.
os.description Operating system version information.
process.executable.path The full path to the process executable. Process identifier (PID).
process.runtime.version The version of the runtime of this process.
process.runtime.description An additional description about the runtime of the process, for example a specific vendor customization of the runtime environment. The name of the runtime of this process. Name of the service. Defined by -javaagent:{...}name={}
job As above.
instance Name of the instance. Defined by email.hostname in reactor.conf
group The value parsed from

Properties used for attributes

Add to JVM arguments/options by prepending with -D.

Property key Default Description
fr.observability.trace.attributes.datapack.enabled true If enabled, sets datapack (cloud UI) attributes on spans. WARNING: Transactions/spans will no longer be rendered in the FusionReactor Cloud UI.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.datapack.obfuscation.enabled false If enabled, attempts to obfuscate datapack span attributes.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.enabled true If enabled, sets semantic attributes on spans.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.obfuscation.enabled false If enabled, doesn't set or obfuscates net.peer.port,, net.peer.ip, db.statement, query string in http.url (for FusionRequest/WebRequests), http.client_ip, and db.cassandra.coordinator.dc semantic attributes.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.request.headers "" Comma separated list of request header names to match and attach header to WebRequest, OkHttp and Httpclient span attributes.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.response.headers "" Comma separated list of response header names to match and attach header to WebRequest, OkHttp and Httpclient span attributes.
fr.observability.trace.attributes.resource.process_command_line false If enabled, adds the process command line resource attribute on spans.
fr.observability.trace.value.limit 1024 Text limit for certain span string attributes.
fr.observability.trace.labels "" A comma-separated key-value list of labels to add a maximum of 8 to traces, note that general observability labels specified by fr.observability.labels are applied first and contribute the limit. Format labelKey1:labelValue1,labelKey2:labelValue2,...
fr.observability.trace.labels.separator.list , Regex string to split/separate the fr.observability.trace.labels list.
fr.observability.trace.labels.separator.keyvalue : Regex string to split/separate the key-values in the fr.observability.trace.labels list.
fr.observability.trace.sampling.ratio 0.05 Decimal number representing the sampling ratio of spans with 0 being 0% and 1 being 100%.

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