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Enabling and Disabling FusionReactor

To enable/disable parts of FusionReactor, simply click the "FusionReactor" drop down box located in the top left hand corner of the FusionReactor UI. There are differences in the features offered on this page between older and newer versions of FusionReactor, as detailed below.

The functionality of the setting 'FusionReactor WebRequest Tracker' (known prior to FusionReactor 6 as 'Disable/Enable FR Filter') has changed in recent versions. In FusionReactor version 5.0.9 and greater this setting no longer also disables FusionReactor external UI access (other functionality of this setting is unmodified).

This page will contain three different Enable/Disable settings

Configuration Description Default
FusionReactor WebRequest Tracker If disabled, FusionReactor will no longer track WebRequests or User Experience Management (UEM) data. JDBC Requests and other transaction types will still be tracked.
(Note: The FusionReactor UI will still be available over the external web server). Enabled
FusionReactor User Experience Management Tracker If enabled, User Experience Management (UEM) data will be processed, even if external access to the FusionReactor UI is disabled.
If disabled UEM data will not be processed by FusionReactor.
(Note: See additional documentation for Using UEM with an external web server.)
FusionReactor UI access on the external web server If enabled, the FusionReactor UI will be accessible over the external web server.
If disabled the FusionReactor UI will not be accessible externally, however metrics will still be tracked and the FusionReactor UI will still be available over the internal server (if configured). Enabled