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Release notes

12.0.1 - 12th Mar. 2024

Issue Type Summary
Bug Fix bug in Deep integration that can affect startup on Windows.
Improvement Improve the Observability Agent welcome screen to increase clarity for users.

12.0.0 - 7th Mar. 2024

Issue Type Summary
New Feature Integrate the Observability Agent within FRAM.
New Feature Add ability to attempt an automatic detection of supported application servers within FRAM.
New Feature Add ability to configure the cloud group of FR instances within FRAM.
Bug Modify IPUtils to support Java 17 in order to prevent IllegalAccessException errors.
Improvement Increase FRAM action timeout duration to reduce likelihood of displaying false errors.
Security/Improvement Upgrade current version of Protobuf dependency to remove flagged CVE.
New Feature Add support for Lucee 6 within FRAM.
Improvement Improve support for Tomcat 10 within FRAM.
Bug Ensure data labels are updated when provided session info is changed.
Bug Prevent NPEs from occurring when setting span attributes for MongoDB.
Change Change the default compression and endpoint of span export requests.

11.0.1 - 1st Nov. 2023

Issue Type Summary
Bug Sessions tracking no longer working due to bug introduced by changing to Java 8

11.0.0 - 2nd Oct. 2023

Issue Type Summary
Security / Bug / Improvement Upgrade dependencies to remove scanned CVEs
New Feature Implement plugin to integrate with Deep
Improvement Add extra information to shipped event snapshots to improve integration with Deep
New Feature Add support for jakarta servlet, implementing WebRequest support for newer servers in the process
New Feature Send the dbpoolstats log to the cloud as part of the metrics group
Improvement Show user-agent in email notifications by default and raise maximum SQL statement length to 2000
Improvement Add port field to mail server settings page for greater clarity
Bug Event Snapshots are sometimes not sent
Bug Relevant tags/labels on metrics aren't updated when the license changes
Improvement Add callback support for Redisson 3.16.8+
Bug Possible error when retrieving information for Jedis transactions - 2.10.2 and below
Bug Fix Exception that can occur when processing closed transactions
Bug Only send cloud data when required to

10.0.2 - 19th Jul. 2023

Issue Type Summary
New Feature Add support for error-history, longest, slow, event snapshot, memory transaction pages in the cloud.
Bug Lucee uses incorrect home path for scraping default logs (catalina/application logs).
Improvement Request Content Capture: Allow response only capture and ability to only capture headers or body.
Bug Disabling observability logging doesn't disable log scraping.
Bug Mac M1: Observability plugins not starting due to snappy dependency.
Bug Internal HTTPS configured passwords are removed if settings are saved with no changes to the passwords.

10.0.1 - 22nd Jun. 2023

Issue Type Summary
New Feature Additional Support for Coalesce images.
Bug Fix the sending of certain cloud data when using a proxy.
Improvement / Bug Incorporate telemetry shipper health status into the cloud health status icon.
Improvement / Bug Make -Dfrhomepage the definitive home page for all roles, regardless of configuration. Remove the Set Home Page button too.
Improvement Remove all chat icons when
Improvement / Bug Disable class transformation attempts when Java version is not supported for that class.

10.0.0 - 18th May 2023

Issue Type Summary
Improvement Add ability to configure span sampling ratio during runtime.
Bug Fix ColdFusion fileExists function when used with S3 and auth/keys.
Improvement Stops shipping profiles logs.
Bug User role should be passed when visiting ephemeral servers via Enterprise Dashboard.
Improvement Add JVM arg (-D) for disabling email notification from reports plugin.
Improvement Add JVM arg (-D) for setting homepage.
Improvement Add JVM args (-D) for setting passwords for manager and observer roles.
New Feature Implement transaction tracking for JMS/MDB. See FusionReactor System Properties for configuration info.
New Feature Replace datapack with Prometheus Remote Write for sending FR metrics.
Bug Protect against NullPointerException when detecting CommandBox servers.
Improvement Add JVM arg (-D) for disabling CommandBox server detection.
Bug Fix host and port detection for OkHttp transactions when host has underscores (EXAMPLE_HOST).
Improvement Telemetry shippers retry on 404 and 429 response status codes.
Bug Fix log shipper only processing the retry queue when new entries are queued.
Bug Fix telemetry shipper authentication.
New Feature Add support for Coalesce Azure image.
Improvement Export/ship unsampled ITTs with their child/sub transactions.
New Feature Support for ColdFusion 2023.
New Feature Add telemetry shippers to cloud status page.

9.2.2 - 1st Mar. 2023

Key Issue Type Summary
FR8400 Improvement Prevent JSONInterposer from writing to a byte array when disabled.
FR8401 Improvement Set status on spans.
FR8402 Improvement Disable CF metrics by default to reduce performance impact.
FR8403 New Feature Implement new ColdFusion metric for the amount of cached queries per application.
FR8404 Bug Fix the filepath label which prevents Windows log shipping.
FR8405 Improvement Reduce the size of JDBCRequest spans. Disable db.user by default

9.2.1 - 31st Jan. 2023

Key Issue Type Summary
FR8397 Bug Fix total requests (last 60 seconds) amount in Web Metrics page.
FR8398 Improvement Add property to disable CF query monitoring for Redis cache when property is set to false (set to true by default).
FR8399 Bug Fix event snapshots no longer being sent to the cloud.

9.2.0 - 18th Jan. 2023

Key Issue Type Summary
FR8386 New Feature Distributed tracing is now supported by FusionReactor. FusionReactor can link up with other FusionReactor agents and non-FusionReactor agents alike, to provide a complete trace of a request's journey through your entire infrastructure.
FR8387 New Feature Transaction support for <cfthread action="run"></cfthread> within Lucee. HttpClient transactions are now correctly linked to their parent CFHTTP transaction in this case.
FR8388 Modification HttpClient async transactions are now just one transaction instead of the request and callback each having a transaction. This transaction will have request and response data.
FR8389 Modification OkHttp async transactions are now just one transaction instead of the request and callback each having a transaction. This transaction will have request and response data.
FR8390 Modification MongoDB advanced transactions are now enabled by default, in the transaction settings. Tracing requires advanced transactions for best results.
FR8391 Improvement Transactions for ColdFusion API endpoints will now have the related method signature as a transaction name.
FR8392 New Feature Transactions will be created to track RabbitMQ operations.
FR8393 New Feature Transactions will be created to track Kafka Streams operations.
FR8394 Improvement The CF metrics graphs and CF system metrics graphs now have all metrics in ColdFusion 2021
FR8395 New Feature Support for setting up to 8 custom key-value labels on metrics, logs, and traces. More info.
FR8396 Bug FR now shows the correct source code for recompiled classes in Lucee.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8384 Improvement Add system property to configure log scrape path
FR8376 Improvement Add more logs to be shipped by default from Lucee and ColdFusion
FR8375 Improvement Add LDAP fallback server configuration and functionality
FR8373 Improvement Display the user level of the currently logged in user on the about page
FR8385 Improvement Add file path label to scraped logs
FR8374 Bug JDBC and MongoDB transactions showing incorrect Mem Allocated in Trans. By Mem lists
FR8372 Bug Fix crash protection error when thread deadlock highlighting set to false


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8358 New Feature Implement a Log shipper within FusionReactor
FR8359 New Feature Implement an Exception log with errors tracked on transactions
FR8459 New Feature Implement a log scraper within FusionReactor
FR8265 New Feature Implement multiline log block rollup with Regex patterns
FR8277 New Feature Implement log obfuscation with Regex patterns
FR8369 Improvement Add UI control for switching on/off exception stack traces log
FR8370 Improvement Add UI control for switching on/off FusionReactor log
FR8368 Improvement Allow customer to specify their own labels on logs
FR8363 Improvement Add a group tag to any log sent from the FusionReactor agent if system property is set
FR8362 Improvement Disable the shipping of FR agent generated logs by default and add options to send different types of logs with config
FR8367 Bug Prevent Synthetic Transactions Having a Negative Duration in the FusionReactor Cloud
FR8366 Bug JDBC Date parameters aren't wrapped in quotes when passed in as Lucee cfqueryparam.
FR8371 Bug Query parameters are not obfuscated in Crash Protection emails


Upon upgrade, only FusionReactor 8.8.0 Enterprise Dashboards can monitor 8.8.0 instances

  • This will only affect users with Enterprise and Ultimate licences using the Enterprise Dashboard feature
  • You must now ensure that the server which you wish to add to the Enterprise Dashboard is online.
  • You can add an 8.7.7 instance and below to an 8.8.0 dashboard, but you cannot add an 8.8.0 instance to an 8.7.7 and below dashboard.
Key Issue Type Summary
FR8364 New Feature CF metrics are now sent to the cloud.
FR8358 Improvement Send specified request or response headers to the cloud.
FR8357 Improvement Row Count is now displayed in JDBC history lists.
FR8356 Improvement Implemented the ability to view graphs as smoothed/averaged.
FR8354 Improvement Increased the security of user passwords, using a PBKDF-2 algorithm.
FR8345 Improvement DB and API time columns added to the table view of request log in the archive viewer.
FR8344 Improvement DB and API time summary now included on the main tab of a transaction.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8340 Improvement Added DB and API time to WebRequest summaries in Crash Protection emails
FR8341 Improvement Added Entries for DB and API time in the request log
FR8342 Bug Fixed NullPointerException that occurs when using GraphQL with Spring-Boot


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8309 Improvement In web request details, service time has been renamed to API time
FR8307 Improvement Included CFHTTP in the request API time


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8301 Improvement Added the ability to preview Headers in the transaction history summary views via a settings page
FR8287 Bug Added limits for linked transactions to protect against increased memory usage
FR8285 Bug Added support for ColdFusion 2021 solr


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8258 Improvement Removed full stack trace from about page on license failure.
FR8255 Improvement Permissions errors causing the license key to fail to persist now show a warning notification on the About page.
FR8254 Improvement Add sources in debugger now closes when a source is added.
FR8252 Improvement When a JDBC request is truncated, a message explaining how to disable or expand truncation limits has been added.
FR8250 Improvement Added check to debug library not found page to see if the library has been added.
FR8235 Improvement Included DB Time and service time into the webrequest and transaction summary view - speeding up root cause focus.
FR8289 Bug Timestamp objects passed in via CF query param honours the timezone set in the data object.
FR8288 Bug Timestamp objects passed in via CF query param are now wrapped in single quotes when processed by FR.
FR8281 Bug "No source directories" message in Debugger page no longer gets removed if breakpoints are set.
FR7970 Bug On the WebRequest activity page, request kill now attempts interrupt before forcefully killing the thread.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8253 Improvement Enhance error message in email settings page to explain how to debug emails not sending.
FR8249 Improvement Make Crash Protection emails enabled by default.
FR8153 Improvement Improve Instance Manager failed install pages.
FR8269 Bug Upgrade Java.mail library to support newer TLS versions and cyphers.
FR8232 Bug UI Fix - Debugger does not show breakpoints if debug email alerts are disabled.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8259 Task Upgrade ASM to 9.2.
FR8247 Improvement Improvements to support chat user experience.
FR8246 Improvement Improvements to support chat usability.
FR8260 Bug Fix an issue where FR causes an exception to occur on startup in the OSGi log.
Bug Fix a case where MongoDB datasources use an incorrect pivot.
Bug Fix an issue with a menu entry appearing incorrectly.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8175 Improvement Support chat improvements.
FR8224 Improvement Performance and timing improvements to Redisson async tracking.
FR8227 Improvement In the case where the connection has been lost, queued datapacks are now sent oldest first.
FR8231 Bug Fix an issue where NPEs are thrown in certain cases with startup delay configured.
FR8225 Bug Fix an issue where HTTP client connections leak on Lucee servers.
FR8223 Bug Fix an issue where JDBC connections using the Datastore to establish connections are not tracked.
FR8222 Bug Fix connection properties not being tracked for DataDirect JDBC driver connections.
FR8221 Bug Fix CF_SQL_TIME not displaying correctly in FusionReactor.
FR8215 Bug Fix an issue where the true value of NVARCHAR is not rendered in JDBC requests.
Bug Fix OkHttp transactions to not include a port in the description when one is not set.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8220 New Feature Support Java 16.
FR8220 New Feature Support Java 15.
FR8154 New Feature Support ColdBox Elasticsearch (cbElastic 2.0.0+).
FR8214 Improvement Support running Datadog and FusionReactor in the same Java process.
FR8195 Improvement Improve debug logging for JDBC tracking.
FR8160 Improvement Improve HttpClient tracking.
FR8194 Improvement Add support to track Vertx 4.
FR8210 Improvement Upgrade ASM to 9.1.
FR8219 Bug Fix HttpClient tracking JSON POST/PUT data.
FR8218 Bug Fix an issue where some docker instances were not being detected as "Docker".
FR8184 Bug Fix an issue where clicking support chat button with no internet connection causes error.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8145 New Feature Support Adobe ColdFusion 2021.
FR8162 New Feature Support Adobe ColdFusion 2021 in Instance Manager.
FR8156 New Feature Support Adobe ColdFusion 2021 CF Metrics, requires perfmon cf module.
FR8158 New Feature Support running SeeFusion and FusionReactor.
FR8101 New Feature Add support to track the Jest - Elasticsearch Java Client.
FR7615 New Feature Add support to track the official Elasticsearch - Java REST Client.
FR8090 Improvement Add support for Redisson 3.13.1 to 3.13.6.
FR8157 Improvement Upgrade ASM to 9.0.
FR8177 Improvement Send Spring Boot transactions to the cloud.
FR8155 Improvement Make licensing more robust when looking up the hostname and IP address.
FR8061 Improvement Add Freshchat into FusionReactor (available from the top right navigation bar).
FR8167 Bug Fix a performance issue where licensing requests can be very slow when reverse DNS is slow.
FR8144 Bug Fix a UI redraw issue when setting a variable in the debugger or using "CF Set" that would not update the watches value immediately.
FR8098 Bug Fix a NullPointerException on shutdown from CloudStateLogger.


Upgrading to 8.5.0 or above will cause Internet Explorer to display a blank screen, this browser is no longer supported.

Key Issue Type Summary
FR8135 Improvement Add support to track CFTHREAD tags / threads on Adobe ColdFusion servers.
FR8114 Improvement Add support to track all http headers on Adobe ColdFusion servers.
FR8109 Improvement Add support to show Event Snapshots in the Cloud.
FR8096 Improvement Add support to track http headers on undertow.
FR8094 Improvement Send profiles information to the Cloud for slow requests.
FR8055 Improvement Add support for OkHttp 4.4.1 to 4.8 tracking.
FR8053 Improvement Add support for Micronaut version 2.x APIs.
FR8125 Improvement Add support for Kafka 2.4.x and 2.5.x tracking
FR8140 Bug Fix HTTPClient tracking on Adobe ColdFusion servers.
FR8130 Bug Fix Java 14 memory tracking.
FR8126 Bug Fix Enterprise Dashboard lookup calls when the instance name contains the string "login".
FR8100 Bug Fix Memory Overview page when for 1 hour view.
FR8079 Bug Fix Jedis tracking for version 3.3.0.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8083 New Feature JSON tracking for GET requests.
FR8057 New Feature Add filter to enterprise dashboard.
FR8091 Improvement Allow FR agent to send more than 2 custom metrics.
FR8066 Improvement Add hostname and ipaddress of instances from EDDS.
FR8062 Improvement Remove the final page of the installer and automatically show Instance Manager.
FR8060 Improvement Improce Lucee line performance so it uses
pagePoolClear function, rather than resseting the engine, this prevents
CFML pages being aborted.
FR8054 Improvement Bump ASM to 8.0.1 – to support newest Java versions
FR7885 Improvement Enable System Resources when a CF server is running as a non admin user on windows.
FR8073 Improvement Decompililation support for java 10-15
FR8085 Bug Fix data truncation for massive JDBC statements / BLOBS going to FusionReactor Cloud.
FR8071 Bug LDAP support is available in FRAM,
FR8069 Bug Add setting to enable status code to be removed from WebMetrics page due to C2 Compiler crashing.
FR8059 Bug Fix an issue where an instance is selected in a
group in Enterprise Dashboard, the other instances in the group do not
update metrics.
FR7983 Bug Fix an IllegalStateException for the MSSQL driver.
FR8080 Bug Fix an UnsupportedOperationException when running on CommandBox/ColdFusion.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8032 Bug Docker discover fails on some AWS deployments.
FR8030 Bug Error Exclusions no longer works on FR.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR8015 Improvement Support licensing even when hostname lookup fails.
FR8007 Improvement Enable event snapshot for Adobe ColdFusion servers.
FR7959 Improvement Enable Event Snapshots by default.
FR7971 Improvement Add debug / native library support for ARM 64 bit (aarch64)
FR7794 Improvement Add support for 64-bit ARM (aarch64) system metrics and system CPU.
FR7962 Improvement Improve in the startup performance of FR agent.
FR7956 Improvement The Apple Mac installer is now signed so it can run directly after download, without flagging Gatekeeper.
FR7932 Improvement Improve the profiler scrolling to better fit the browser size.
FR7876 Improvement Improve ColdBox error tracking to track errors handled by Coldbox.
FR7749 Improvement Improve Lucee line performance by using the pagePoolClear function, rather than resseting the engine.
FR7423 Improvement Improved the the datasource information in
JDBC details, for Oracle databases when using a TNSnames.ora file, has
been resolved.
FR740 Improvement Add CPU Thresholds for Crash Protection
FR8010 Bug Fix an issue where the Lucee Line Performance transformer does not pick up changes to a compiled page.
FR7997 Bug Fix an issue where the License key is not stored into reactor.conf if license/ dir is missing.
FR7984 Bug Fix an issue with a Memory Leak when running CommandBox 4.9 prerelease.
FR7979 Bug Fix an issue with the Lucee ColdBox Transaction naming.
FR7964 Bug Fix an issue where CommandBox environment detected as ServerType UNKONWN.
FR7958 Bug Fix WildFly Session tracking.
FR7948 Bug Fix an issue with proxy support for the Enterprise Dashboard.
FR7942 Bug Fix an issue with the debugger native library not opening on MacOS Catalina (10.15) due to new restrictions on software.
FR7934 Bug Add support for middle click on FR buttons.
FR7918 Bug Corrects an issue detecting Docker when running within a Kubernetes cluster.
FR7915 Bug Fix an issue with FR causing exceptions to occur in the OSGI log.
FR7914 Bug Fix an issue where Debug emails have a link to the OLD debugger UI not the new one.
FR7901 Bug Fix an issue where Edit breakpoints dialog would reset the fire count to 1 and not keep the the selected values.
FR7899 Bug Fixes a bug with Ephemeral Instances where large pages could cause the tunnel to become unresponsive.
FR7895 Bug Fix an issue where the Enterprise Dashboard dials and bars reset from zero every refresh.
FR7889 Bug Fix an NPE adding an FR 8.3 instance to an 8.3 ED instance via manage servers-
FR7877 Bug Fix an issue in the Jedis tracking in FR.
FR7872 Bug Fix an NPE when viewing Stack Trace All.
FR7871 Bug Fix an issue with the ArchiveViewer not working some times.
FR7868 Bug Fix an IllegalArgumentException in cflog tracking.
FR7866 Bug Fix an issue where the Event Snapshots would generate on the incorrect log level.
FR7861 Bug Fix an issue with Redisson PING command tracking.
FR7842 Bug Fix a ClassCastException in Jersey tracking.
FR7838 Bug Fix an issue where the Server Info would should the incorrect build number for ColdFusion after it was updated.
FR7826 Bug Fix an issue where adding the FR agent twice
would cause the server being monitored to fail to start (in some cases)
due to a race condition.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7953 Improvement Track RMI calls in java 6 – 8.
FR7952 Bug Fix the Enterprise Dashboard proxy so that it honors the ‘use proxy’ setting for local connections.
FR7951 Bug Fix an ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception in licensing on some RedHat operating systems.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7937 Improvement Improve performance of the status code part of the WebMetrics page.
FR7945 Bug Fix an issue detecting Docker when running within a Kubernetes cluster.
FR7941 Bug Fix an issue with the Enterprise Dashboards
Ephemeral Instances where large pages could cause the tunnel to become
unresponsive. This occurred when viewing long logs in FusionReactor.
FR7925 Bug Fix an issue where the OSGI log would contain errors when using JSON Content-Type but returning none JSON content.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7887 Bug Fix a performance issue with System Monitor
and Session tracking on ColdFusion servers which have Redis session
store enabled. This issue could cause high CPU usage.
FR7858 Bug Fix an issue whereby LDAP roles could checked
in a random order. This could mean the user could log in as Observer
when they are in the Admin group too.
FR7850 Bug Fix an issue where Redisson PING command tracking would create transactions with empty descriptions and 0ms time.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7262 New Feature Added support for LDAP user authentication and group management.
FR7818 Improvement Add support for Microsoft SQL driver 7.2.2 / Java 11 driver.
FR7768 Improvement Add support for Spring Boot REST apis.
FR7763 Improvement Add support for Micronaut REST server.
FR7720 Improvement Add tracking for okHTTP client.
FR7795 Bug Fix a NullPointerException in the heartbeat plugin which sometimes occurs on startup (very rarely).
FR7839 Bug Fix a NullPointerException on shutdown in the json tracking.
FR7831 Bug Fix the debugger so that it correclty displays classes in the default package.
FR7830 Bug Fix an issue where the debugger breakpoint
window would not update the state of the breakpoint when a breakpoint is
FR7829 Bug Fix an issue where the debugger breakpoint window doesnt update the state when stepping over or continuing.
FR7808 Bug Fix an issue where the debugger classes and source tree would reset for not reason.
FR7804 Bug Fix an issue where Event Snapshot files could
become corrupt if the same error occurred at the exact same time on more
than 1 thread.
FR7786 Bug Fix kafka tracking for kafka clients 2.3.0.
FR7784 Bug Fix a Lucee 5.2.8+ session tracking where session creation was tracked twice when SessionRotate function was used.
FR7777 Bug Fix an issue where Redisson CONNECT commands were not tracked in FR.
FR7766 Bug Fix an issue where Jedis tracking would display the passwords in FR.
FR7750 Bug Fix an issue where Redisson time tracked was incorrect due to async handling.
FR7546 Bug Fix an html injection issue when viewing variables some object types in the debugger (toString() method had to return HTML).


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7828 Bug Fix transaction naming with ColdBox 5.5.
FR7821 Bug Fix a NullPointerException with AMF requests.
FR7812 Bug Fix the Debug UI when using IE11.
FR7801 Bug Fix a race condition in the Debug UI which could cause certain sections to not update.
FR7800 Bug Fix instance manager so that it works when using IE 11.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7678 Obsolete FusionReactor has removed its 32 bit installers for 8.1.0, we only support manual install steps on 32bit operating systems.
FR7286 New Feature Add support for Ephemeral Instances, like docker, to auto register with the Enterprise dashboard.
FR7679 New Feature Enterprise EDDS: Status page for client and server
FR7701 Improvement Improve the Debugger UI so that it looks more
like an IDE and is easier to use. This allows the loaded classes to be
decompiled making it easier to set breakpoints aswell as many more
FR7164 Improvement Upgrade Highcharts to version 7.
FR7662 Improvement Upgrade jQuery to version 3 as older versions are vulnerable to Cross-site Scripting (XSS) attacks-
FR7698 Improvement Improve the time to switch license from a cloud license to a none cloud license.
FR7702 Improvement Improve the transaction details page so that the event snapshot and profiler results have more space on the page.
FR7683 Improvement Ensure licensing changes reset the session_id used for licensing requests. This improves license handling on the server side.
FR7762 Improvement Improve the rendering of transactions in the top of the transaction details when no query params exist.
FR7677 Improvement Add a link to the License Connection banner to include a link to a technote to help resolve issues.
FR7642 Improvement Stop tracking FR resources in the PageUsageTracker on real FR pages.
FR7635 Improvement Use the fernflower decompiler for java 8 or newer. This compiler is faster and more reliable for new class files.
FR7293 Improvement Improve the HTTPClient transactions to include session information and other meta data.
FR7734 Improvement Change the default fire count to 1 for the debuggers default instead of always.
FR7735 Improvement Ensure HTTPClient calls that return 50x codes
are tracked as errors same as FusionRequests and appear in the correct
Errors page.
FR7733 Improvement Add a white list entry to fr-osgi.conf to support debugging FR code with nerdvison java client.
FR7610 Improvement Allow the decompile from the cloud to use the CFML source if the FR instance can find it.
FR5416 Improvement Fix a performance issue with the decompiler where it was very slow on some files.
FR7637 Improvement Fix a performance issue where the logging pointcuts would cause class loading performance issues.
FR7582 Improvement Fix a performance issue where the ED menu (top right) would take a long time to be built.
FR7633 Improvement Fix a performance issue where the ‘stackTrace
all’ for the running requests is slower than the complete ‘stacktrace
all’ for all threads.
FR6118 Improvement Fix a performance issue where large uploads would be a lot slower with FR installed compared to without.
FR7631 Bug Fix a bug in Json Data Tracker Plugin where it showed empty data when application/json header is set for a get request-
FR7630 Bug Fix a bug in the Json Data Tracker Plugin where it would not handle smile compressed data.
FR7772 Bug Fix a bug in Json Data Tracker Plugin where it would handle invalid json of a single byte.
FR7693 Bug Fix a bug where Json Data Tracker Plugin would look for exact content type and ignore any with character set at the end.
FR7765 Bug Fix a bug where Java would get stuck in Method) when handling invalid Json Data.
FR7571 Bug Fix a bug where FR would break when you have a Cookie header and no value
FR7545 Bug Fix a bug where the debugger didnt show the classname for fields, variables in some cases.
FR7544 Bug Fix a bug where the debugger would break with some Lucee versions as CGI scope .size() throws an NullPointerException.
FR7747 Bug Fix an issue where the datasource name is very
large for CFMAIL tags and can cause issues for both memory and sending
the data to the cloud.
FR7730 Bug Fix a bug where JDBC transactions would never
close the underlying Statement. This could cause memory leaks with some
JDBC drivers (DB2).
FR7728 Bug Fix a bug where the daily, weekly and monthly reports would still be sent if if the license expired.
FR7725 Bug Fix a ConcurrentModificationException bug in
the licensing request code which could cause the first license request
after startup to fail.
FR7724 Bug Fix a UI issue in IE11 where the top menu (About/Logs/Plugins) wouldn’t work.
FR7719 Bug Fix an issue in the Enterprise Dashboard where
you would get a Javascript error when the last ED instance stopping was
FR7716 Bug Remove the license key, which was visible to observer user, from the odl.log file.
FR7710 Bug Fix a bug where FR upgrade banner warning is not dismissable-
FR7708 Bug Fix an issue where the start_ts has been removed from licensing requests in FR 8.0.1 + 8.0.2.
FR7676 Bug Fix a bug where the Kafka mixin would fail with NoSuchField on Kafka 2.2.0.
FR7632 Bug Fix an issue where the legacy JDBC Wrapper
only loads on Java 8 and not on Java 9, 10, 11. This could affect some
fallback logic if customers had to enable the legacy wrapper instead of
the default, faster, mixins.
FR7711 Bug Fix a NullPointerException in the thread list, if the thread finished at the correct time.
FR7462 Bug Fix a NullPointerException on Transaction
History page when viewing all transactions but filtering on a subflavor
which JDBC requests doesn’t understand.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7689 Improvement Add support for FusionReactors licensing notifications showing HTML links.
FR7688 Improvement Ensure the license session_id is cleared when the license key changes.
FR7687 Improvement Add a link to the support documentation in the the License Connection notification.
FR7681 Improvement Increase ASM version to 7.1
FR7665 Improvement Add link to FR 8 specific Third Party License agreement, but its currently the same as FR 7.
FR7690 Bug Fix an issue where, after upgrading to FR 8
with a manual activated license, FR would become active (for a short
period) when it should not.
FR7682 Bug Fix Kafka tracking with Kafka version 2.2.0.
FR7674 Bug The JSON capture feature of FR is showing empty data when application/json header is set but no body exists.
FR7654 Bug Fix the debuggers Resume Thread button so it works on Windows.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7641 Bug Fix an issue where the debuggers UI would scale incorrectly after moving the slider / separators.
FR7640 Bug Fix a performance issue where the logging capture feature in FusionReactor could cause ColdFusion startup slowness.


Key Issue Type Summary
FR7247 New Feature Support the monitoring of Spring Sessions.
FR7443 New Feature Support the capturing of variables of the stack when transactions fail.
FR7137 New Feature Support for filtering the stacktrace all based on the locks currently being held or waited on.
FR7279 New Feature Support capture of JSON request and responses.
FR7477 New Feature Support for Java 11 (Oracle and OpenJDK).
FR7474 New Feature Capture log statements of slf4j, apache commons and log4j frameworks and CFLOG tags.
FR7589 New Feature Capture log statements via CFLOG tags.
FR7313 New Feature Add a new cloud status page to help support and customer track down connection issues.
FR7611 New Feature Add support for tracking Jedis v2 and v3.
FR7473 New Feature Support for MongoDB drivers > 3.8.0
FR7408 Improvement UI pages with tabs maintain the selection on refresh.
FR7623 Improvement Improve the text fields on the debugger dialog to add more meaning to possible options.
FR7332 Improvement Improve the internal logging of Cloud based requests (IRs) to include more meta data.
FR7442 Improvement Use CF 2018 Monitor class to track all CF metrics.
FR7436 Improvement About page to show the licensing exceptions (in full) to the user.
FR7378 Improvement Add additional information to the Web Metrics summary tables to show Recent WebRequest count, JDBC count and error count.
FR7371 Improvement Improve the email alerts from the enterprise
dashboard when a server comes online to include much more information
about the server.
FR7204 Improvement Improve the robustness of the Cloud datapack shipping so that it can handle errors more effectively.
FR6775 Improvement Improve licensing so that the license server
handles all state and messages so that these can be changed and updated
without needing new client functionality or changes.
FR7561 Improvement Improve the debugger exception error messages when the debugger doesn’t have exception support enabled.
FR7560 Improvement Add support for Amazon Corretto 8.
FR7513 Improvement Show the Max MetaSpace value if its been set for the JVM.
FR7512 Improvement Add the actual exception type to the history
pages so that the user can see what type of exception occurs without
needing to use transaction details page.
FR7534 Improvement Make the server discovery code discover FRAM instances as FRAM server type instead of UNKNOWN.
FR6548 Improvement Improve the left menu of FR so that uncommon entries moved into sub menus and the main menu is more compact.
FR7548 Improvement Include ENV variables in license request data so that the cloud can filter based on this data.
FR7404 Improvement Make threads holding locks now have direct links to their stack trace via lock / thread ID.
FR7531 Bug Fixed a lock contention issue where JDBC, with no memory tracking enabled, would block on the JDBC by Memory series.
FR7509 Bug Fixed an issue where the debugger would not
always show all locks currently held by a thread when using the “Suspend
Thread” functionality.
FR7506 Bug Fixed a NullPointerException in FusionReactor when viewing profiles via the Cloud UI.
FR7507 Bug Fixed an issue where the Request Content Capture feature would affect ColdFusion AJAX request.
FR7494 Bug Fixed an issue where the “Stack Trace All” Plain view showed ‘blocked’ threads when the ‘waiting’ filter was active.
FR7492 Bug Fixed an issue with the licensing debug page ‘ODL Information’ Copy to Clipboard button throws a JavaScript TypeError.
FR7466 Bug Fixed an issue where ColdFusion requests could be stuck due to the line performance tool even when it is disabled.
FR7444 Bug Fixed an issue where the profiler would break on any java thread which doesn’t have a stack trace.
FR7420 Bug Fixed an issue where pressing the start profiler button could result in incorrect profiling of the thread.
FR7421 Bug Fixed an issue where the duration of running profiles didn’t update until the thread was profiled. I.e at each sample.
FR7413 Bug Fixed an issue with the decompiler breaking StringConcatFactory but never informing the user why if failed.
FR7409 Bug Fixed an issue with CFHTTP calls in CF 2016
which would throw a NoSuchFieldError when FusionReactor attempted to
read the query_string property.
FR7533 Bug Fixed an issue where manually installing
FusionReactor (outside of the normal install process) would cause the
license activation to fail with a NullPointerException.
FR7498 Bug Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException which
could occur if a new tracked statistical series became visible while
FusionReactor was preparing a Cloud datapack for upload.
FR7481 Bug Fixed an issue with CFMAIL ColdFusion tag where the from and to addresses would be swapped around.
FR7472 Bug Fixed an issue where internal debug checks were
enabled in the release version of FusionReactor which would then break
CFPOP CFIMAP tags in ColdFusion.
FR7461 Bug Fixed a NullPointerException in the Cloud Retry
thread which could occur when we log the internal state changes of the
FR7416 Bug Fixed a ConcurrentModificationException in the Enterprise Dashboard when servers are registered and deregistered automatically.
FR7402 Bug Fixed the tracking of ColdFusion ASYNC requests in ColdFusion 2018.
FR7388 Bug Fixed an issue where ColdBox transaction names are tracked as index.cfm rather than using event name.
FR7338 Bug Fixed an issue where the description HTTP Client calls was incorrect with some versions.
FR7601 Bug Fixed an issue where the number of transactions sent to the cloud were unlimited.
FR7530 Bug Fixed an issue where the Debugger throws NumberFormatException when using the next frame button in the UI.
FR7482 Bug Fixed an issue where conditional breakpoints fail on CF 2018 because CFEVALUATE signature changed slightly.
FR7425 Bug Fixed a StringIndexOutOfBoundsException when FusionReactor tracks Mongo operations.
FR7426 Bug Fixed Crash Protection and Debug emails when triggered from Grizzly and Jersey WebRequests.
FR7412 Bug Fixed a java.lang.AbstractMethodError when monitoring using WebSockets in WildFly 13.
FR7406 Bug Fixed an issue where stack traces would show the incorrect hash code for a lock under ownable synchronizers.
FR7400 Bug Fixed an issue where the Docker truncated container ID in the license activation message is sometimes discovered incorrectly.
FR7382 Bug Fixed an issue where the host in the description on mongo transaction is sometimes null.
FR7207 Bug Fixed an issue where the profiler would show
very short profile times when the profiler kicks in just as the
transaction finishes.
FR7590 Bug Fixed an issue where Request would not be filtered / limited when running recent / history IR from the Cloud.
FR7455 Bug Fixed the HitCount data (application / database) information when its sent to cloud. It could sometimes contain partial data.
FR7417 Bug Fixed an issue where transactions do not have the correct application name for some transactions.
FR7617 Bug Fixed an issue where the Request detail from the Cloud would return invalid json.
FR7613 Bug Fixed an issue where the Database page would
display negative memory allocations when the setting was disabled for
sub transactions.
FR7427 Bug Fixed an issue where the sigar library (native
system metrics library) cannot be loaded on IBM I and ARM operating
systems and would cause FusionReactor to fail to start.
FR7626 Bug Fixed an issue where the Stack Trace All button would show the label twice due to a UI refresh timing problem.