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FusionReactor Log Rotator Plugin

Manages the maintenance of log files within FusionReactor. Features include:-

  • Two types of mode - Centralized Archive and Rotation and Per-Log Rotation mode
  • Rotates log files on a given schedule (either at a given time every day, or periodically)
  • Transfer of rotated log collection as a zip file to a central location
  • Management of log files (purge) based on age or size target (oldest first)
  • Integration with FusionAnalytics Connector


This configuration page allows you to select if logs are archived and transferred to FusionAnalytics or just archived and kept in the archive directory in FusionReactor.

Logs that are just archived can be located at /FusionReactor/instance/[your_instance_name]/log.

The following data can be archived and transferred or just archived:

  • CPU/Thread Log
  • Memory Detailed (Fine)
  • Memory Summary (Coarse)
  • Reactor Log
  • Request Log
  • Resource Log
  • Plugin Log
  • Crash Protection Log
  • JDBC Log
  • System Heartbeat
  • Default

Status Log - plugin-fr-logrotator.log

This plugin creates a log file called plugin-fr-logrotator.log which contains information on the status of the plugin, when it started, stopped, if there were any problems. Below is a table explaining what all the attributes in the log file mean.

Field Name Number Description
Date (Formatted) 1 The date on which this log entry was written.
Time (Formatted) 2 The time on which this log entry was written.
Level 3 Log Level basically means the nature of the log, for example INFO means general information, where as ERROR means an error is being logged. SEVERE means something really bad has happened, this will be typically followed by the a generated exception.
Log message 4 Contains a message of an event that occurred such as logging that has started.