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Manage On-Prem users & roles

FusionReactor On-Premise has three user accounts / roles:

  • Administrators

  • Managers

  • Observers

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FusionReactor does not have individual users with user names and passwords, but three fixed roles each of which has its own password.


In FusionReactor 8.2.0 and above the previous Change Password page has been refactored into a more general system for managing access to FusionReactor.  This system is known as FusionReactor Identity, and supplies functionality for managing access using the usual Role / Password system, as well as allowing us to add further providers in the future.

Customers with ENTERPRISE licenses or above now have immediate access to an additional provider, the X.500/LDAP Directory Server system. 

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Enable user account

🔎Find it: FusionReactor > Manage Logins


The Administrator account is always enabled and must have a password assigned.

You can enable the Manager and Observer accounts at any time by entering a password for the account on the FusionReactor > Manage Logins screen. 


When you enter a password and click [Save Password] button the account becomes active immediately.

Disable user account

🔎Find it: FusionReactor > Manage Logins

The Manager and Observer accounts can be disabled using the [Disable Manager] and [Disable Observer] buttons on the FusionReactor > Manage Logins screen. An account will be disabled immediately after clicking on the Disable button for the account.

💡 Tip: To enable an account again you must enter a password for the account.

Need more help?

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