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Semantic Span Attributes

Attribute Key/Name Attribute Value Obfuscated/Unset when -Dfr.observability.trace.attributes.semantics.obfuscation.enabled=true Remote hostname. True
net.peer.port Remote port. True
db.statement The database statement being executed. True
db.system Name of the database system being used. In this case, redis. False
db.operation The database operation being executed as uppercase. e.g. SET False
db.redis.database_index In non-clustered environments, the redis database index being executed against. False

Things to be aware of

  • The db.redis.database_index attribute is only available when not clustered.
  • The db.statement attribute value may not be an exact one-to-one of the executed Redis statement.
  • Async transactions will have a callback child span which signals when the transaction ended.

Properties for Redis

There are no system properties that are specific to Redis. Check the attributes page for general properties that affect Redis.

Example Span

An example of a simple Redisson span.