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JIT Time

The JIT Time page will show you a graph of the JIT time samples currently stored in memory by FusionReactor.

Activity Graph

Several time spans are available, with differing resolutions. These will be filled as data points that are collected by FusionReactor.

Each time varying graphs shows two independent values overlaid : 

  • JIT - Time : Blue
    • JIT (Just-In-Time) Compilation time represents the time spent by the JIT compiler converting Java bytecode into native code

You are able to deselect and reselect each independent values by simply clicking on their respective names, when a value is deselected ( Greyed out ) then that value will no longer be displayed on the activity graph.

Placing your mouse pointer on a data point within the graph will show a tool-tip with details about that sample, including :

  • Date and time of the request
  • JIT - Time

When browsing the 1 Hour, 1 Day, and 1 Week activity graphs you are able to select time frames by using the slider under the graph.