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Span Name

Span names for Spring are: - Render {view_name} for render spans. - {controller_name}.{method_name} for request mapping spans.

Things to be aware of

  • Request mapping spans will attempt to parse requests for a templated route, e.g. /documents/{document_id}. This process will rename a parent WebRequest span to the templated route and set any templated parameters as span attributes in the form http.request.route.path_parameter.{templated_parameter_name}. This can be disabled via properties.

Properties for Spring

Check the attributes page for general properties that can affect Spring transactions. l | Property Key | Default | Description | | -- | -- | -------- | | fr.observability.trace.attributes.route.templated.enabled | true | Whether to attempt to process request objects for their templated path/route when possible. This will be set as the span name for the master transaction's span. E.g. /show/{user} instead of /show/user001 | | fr.observability.trace.attributes.route.templated.parameters.enabled | true | When retrieving templated paths for routes, will also attempt to retrieve the path parameters and set as span attributes if possible. Will appear as http.request.route.path_parameter.{templated_parameter_name}. Is disabled if fr.observability.trace.attributes.route.templated is disabled. |