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Instance Manager Log

The Instance Manager log outputs a lot of useful information regarding the operations Instance Manager can perform. Information will be outputted for server scanning, installations, configuring existing servers, upgrading and any other Instance Manager function such as starting/stopping.

Status Log - (instance-manager.log)

The Instance Manager log is presented in the following format:

Field Name Number Description
Date 1 The date at which this log entry was written.
Time 2 The time at which this log entry was written.
Log Level 3 Log Level basically means the nature of the log, for example INFO means general information, where as ERROR means an error is being logged. SEVERE means something really bad has happened, this will be typically followed by the a generated exception.
Operation 4 Contains a message of an event that occurred such as start of Instance Manager procedures (install, scan, etc). As well as specific information that is useful when debugging your server if Instance Manager was to fail at an operation.

Additional Information:

If you are having trouble with Instance Manager, and the logs are not giving you enough information, It may be a good idea to look at the logs for your application server. It may the case where your application server is not working or improperly configured, hence Instance Manager will fail, and it will be unable to provide helpful information in its log.