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FusionReactor is available in 4 editions with or without Cloud features :

  • STD - Standard Edition
  • ENT - Enterprise Edition
  • ULT - Ultimate Edition
  • DEV - Developer Edition


Developer edition can only be used in Developer or Internal Staging environments.

About Page

On the About page in FusionReactor you can see the following information:

Depending upon your license types some of the following may or may not be visible on your FusionReactor About page.

  • Edition - The type of license that has been applied e.g Ultimate, Developer, Enterprise or Standard
  • Account Name - The name of the account that holds the license
  • Serial Number - The serial number for the license.
  • License Key - The license key that was applied to the instance.
  • Maintenance Expiry Date - The maintenance expiry of this license, the date when you will no longer be able to update FusionReactor to a newer version.

On the About page you can perform a number of license operations which are:

  • Apply a license
  • Activate a license
  • Deactivate a license
  • Check for updates by clicking on the link titled "check For FusionReactor updates", this takes you to a webpage that tells you if your version is up to date. If it is outdated you will be given information on how to upgrade.


Are You Using a Proxy?

When applying, activating, or deactivating a license, you may be brought to the 'Manual Activation' or 'Manual Deactivation' pages. The reason for this is that your FusionReactor client was unable to communicate with the internet. In 6.2.0, the option to configure a proxy was added. This will allow you to tunnel FusionReactors internet connection through your own proxy. You can find out more information by visiting this link: FusionReactor Proxy Settings