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Observability Agent

Why do I need integrations?

Integrations allow you to ingest vital metrics to monitor the health of your entire infrastructure, with metrics from all aspects of your application stack.

Exporters are available in many forms and allow you to monitor many aspects of your infrastructure including:

Available exporters

🔹 Database 🔹 Nginx 🔹Kafka 🔹 Docker 🔹 IIS

🔹 Machine system metrics 🔹 & many more


  • Fix issues faster

  • Fast implementation in a matter of minutes

  • Deep dive observability


As part of Dashboards we will automatically be provisioning to monitor external exporters out of the box.

Available dashboards

MsSQL | NginX | MSSQL | Node exporter

More integrations will follow over time, including:


🔹Kubernetes🔹Docker🔹AWS🔹GCP🔹Azure🔹 & many more

Need a specific exporter?

Contact support in the chat bubble and let us know.

Learn more

Supported exporters

Getting started

Step 1: Generate an API key.

Step 2: Ingest data into the FusionReactor Cloud using any exporter. We recommend using the Observability Agent for the simplest and most time effective installation.

Ingesting data with the Observability Agent


Visualize your data

With FusionReactor Cloud, you can diagnose both live and historic issues with our powerful metrics engine and dashboards.

Need more help?

Contact support in the chat bubble and let us know how we can assist.