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Resource Settings

The Resource Settings page lets you modify various elements relating to resource sampling and logging. The page has the following items:

Logging (CPU-Thread Status/Memory Spaces)

Configuration Description Default
CPU/Thread Status Setting this to Enabled will allow CPU/Thread information to be logged, setting it to disabled will not log the information.

WARNING: Enabling this option will create very detailed log files, please ensure sufficient disk space is available before doing so.
Memory Space When Enabled detailed sizing information about memory spaces will be logged. Enabled
Thread State Active When enabled, a graph and logs will be generated based on the thread states, sampled every 5 seconds. Disabling this will also disable the logging.

WARNING: This could slow down the system if you are running lots of threads.
Thread State Logging When enabled, information on current thread states are logged. Disabling this will not effect the graph generated. Enabled

Resource Logging (CPU/Memory/Request/JDBC)

Configuration Description Default
Resource Logging If Resource Logging is enabled then resource information will be written to the Resource Log. Enabled
View Size (KB) This value indicates how much of the log file should be displayed when you view the Resource Log from inside FusionReactor. 128 KB

Logging (Garbage Collection)

Configuration Description Default
GC Logging When enabled, information on Garbage Collection activity is logged. Enabled

Graph Scaling

Configuration Description Default
Auto Scaling When set to enabled, this makes all the graphs auto scale to the best fit for the graph. Disabled


Configuration Description Default
Deadlock Highlighting When set to enabled, this will make any deadlocked threads highlight on the Thread State page. Enabled

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