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The Notifications view on FusionReactor Cloud displays all of your FusionReactor server notifications in one place.

All notifications

Notification controls



The notifications view can be filtered in the following ways:

  1. Severity - The types of notification displayed are filtered by Information (blue), Warning (orange) and Error (red).
    • Clicking each of these buttons will disable and enable that type of notification from showing in the view.
  2. Server - By default the notifications view shows notifications from all servers, but the server can be selected using the dropdown menu to view only that server's notifications.
    • The server list can be filtered down using the search box at the top.
  3. Group - Show only the notifications that are from servers within the selected group.


There a number of actions that can be carried out when looking at the notification view:

  1. Clear filters - If any of the filters are set, this button will be enabled.
    • On click, this sets both filters back to default (all notification types and servers showing).
  2. Dismiss all
    • On click, this will set every notification to read.
  3. Delete all - On click, this will delete all notifications. This action is account wide.
    • When a notification is removed from FusionReactor Cloud, it will also be removed from FusionReactor Client if possible.

Notification details

The notification details will display extra information about a notification, as well as allowing quick viewing through notifications.


The details shows the same information as the notifications view, plus the following details:

  1. IP address - The IP address of the instance.
  2. Server status - Current status of the instance (Online/offline).