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FusionReactor Logs Beta Program


Use logs to gain new insight into your applications and expand your monitoring beyond the traditional FusionReactor data.

We want to use this beta as an opportunity to improve on our platform, so we welcome any feedback on improvements, suggestions, missing features, complexity and your general feelings on what we have built so far.

Get Started

This guide will explain how to configure and utilize logging within FusionReactor.

In order to get started you must first register for the beta.

Join our Logs beta slack group for questions and feedback.

To configure log ingest follow the steps below:

  1. Deploy the Beta FusionReactor agent
  2. Obfuscate and send additional logs from the FusionReactor agent (optional)
  3. Ship additional logs via a dedicated logging agent (optional)

With logging configured, you can now begin to gain insight into your log data. Below is a guide for each feature of the logging capability

See our blogs and videos on the logging feature

What is log alerting

Questions and feedback

We want to make logging the best it can possibly be so please join with workspace and share your experiences (good or bad), questions, comments or some ideas of features you would like in the future.

You can contact also support in the chat or email